Creating and Managing an Account


To register a new account, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form. you must accept the Terms of Service.

  2. Click the link in the email to activate your account. The link will look like

    If you do not receive an email, please write to the administrators

  3. Proceed to the Profile menu to Profile and fill in your Basic Settings.

    The First- and Last Name required here have a very limited allowed character set. This is to ensure that every english speaking person can read and pronounce your name.

    If you have characters in your name, which are not covered, please use a transcription of your name. You can then enter your correct name on the right side unter preferred name.

Active Tournament

The software has a notion of active tournament. When you are logged in, you can change the currently active tournament for your profile under Profile - Tournament

All the roles and permissions are then adapted to the selected tournament. You have to be in the correct tournament to perform any action.

After creating an account, you are not associated to any tournament, until your registered team or team membership gets accepted. A notification will remind you to set an active tournament, when you are associated to one.

Deleting an Account

After you participated in any tournament some personal information will always be retained. This includes your first and last name as well as the grades you and your team achieved or graded as a juror.

We can delete your other profile information and participation data, if no longer needed. The deletion of an account during the tournament may result in loosing grades and is at your own risk.

To request a deletion, please contact us