Register Juror

Every person has to register for an account in the system in general.

Juror application

Everyone who wants to be a juror at the tournament has to apply as juror. Even if you are already team leader.

Please apply to tournament directly on the Registration - My Applications page. Select apply as possible juror. The application is then reviewed by the organisers and if approved, adds the role of possible juror to your attendance. Continue to apply as a participating role.

If you plan to be a team leader you can apply as team leder to your team. Otherwise you can apply as experienced juror. This has to be reviewed again by the organisers. Being a possible juror alone does not qualify you to attend the tournament.

Travel Support

If the tournament provides travel support, you can apply for in the experienced juror registration process by filling out the included form.

Team Association

After your initial registration to be a juror was accepted, and you are not already a team leader, you could associate yourself to a team with the associate to team button and the team password on the Registration - My Applications page.

Application Data

After you obtained a participating role, you have to enter additional participation dependent data. This data can be entered on the Registration - My Data page.